‘Between’ the movie with Stella Damasus

What happens when you receive an invite to a private screening of a movie by Nollywood icon Stella Damasus and filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan?

You put on your best dress, call a couple of friends and plan to be there, missing nothing.

That’s precisely what I did.

So over the weekend, Friday 12th, I was at the London premiere of ‘BETWEEN the movie‘ by Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus, screened at Greenwich Odeon, London, hosted by DJ Abass.

It was a fantastic night. Stella looked gorgeous. The turnout was great, and the movie was EXCELLENT!!!

The quality is something to write home about, and the storyline itself and how it was all put together worked to deliver a BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE.

This movie is set to be released in Nigeria shortly, and other countries respectively. 

This is the movie to watch when it officially releases at the cinema near you.

It explores relationships, how we go about entering into relationships and otherwise not.

It explores Marriage, how some handle their marriage and the benefit or lack thereof.

The concept of God as Father and one willing to pour his love on us no matter where we are, no matter our past mistakes is explored.

Likewise, the concept of forgiveness and rebuilding.

These and many other messages and the likes are delivered in this film through some very powerful dialogues and monologues.

It was an exciting watch.

There were moments of surprise, shock, laughter. I mean we the audience couldn’t help but verbalise our responses/reactions to what we were viewing on the screen.

I know someone left that place, considering the status of their relationship and how it could be better.

My take home from the movie: Your life, your relationship is what you make it. You get out what you put in.

While none of us is perfect, we have a responsibility to ourselves and the ones we claim to love to behave rightly. And even if we make mistakes, let’s own up to them, make amends where it is necessary, learn from our mistakes, and move on.

And remember always, you are not alone. There is someone somewhere, be it God for you, the universe, a source, the power within, you are deeply loved and cared for right where you are.

You can follow the movie on social media: @BetweenTheMovie #BetweenTheMovie

Here are some of pics below.  You can view more official pics here: DJAMedia

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