Discussion: Survival vs Fulfilment

Question: Can a human being be without doing?

Can we find fulfilment outside of all that we do daily? Or are we supposed to be fulfilled as a result of all that we do? Is it our preoccupation to seek this fulfilment? Is it what makes us human or are we missing something much deeper?

If we removed all that you did or do, who would you be?

Accomplishment creates the greater void because the more you achieve the more you want to achieve! In another word, the more you have, the more you want. Therefore, are we all wrong in our desires or quest?

In a way, can we say, accomplishment is like a drug? We are addicted to achieving because it fills a space? And that space never gets filled because the more it gets filled, the more you find the hole gets bigger?

Accomplishment is like a drug because you always want more, something bigger (‘stronger’) to give that feel-good feeling. On and on it goes.

Question: Is survival different to fulfilment?
Are we merely trying to survive thinking we are working at fulfilment?

Is it possible that those that do less are the most fulfilled?

So actually survival and fulfilment are two different things. And fulfilment has nothing to do with what you do.

The essential thing is to know the difference.

You may chase goals, absolutely fine. But note your fulfilment is not dependent on them.

Fulfilment is the state of being content with self, no matter where you are at or what you are doing.

Question: Are you content?

If we are not content, what causes discontentment?

1. What we have been told is supposed to make us happy.
2. Every ideology that has been imparted into us that this is how we are supposed to be and how life is supposed to be.
3. Every dream we have been told to chase even if they are truly unimportant to us.
4. We can’t be content because of fear of societal judgement. It would be wrong to want or not want something. So, invariably, we are in a sort of loop of wanting what everyone else wants without even realising it. We are all chasing the same thing but in different ways.

If we are all wanting what everyone else wants really, I wonder are we like huddles of sheep then, moving on along and not able to do things differently?

If we are able to, I wonder, would we actually?
Would you choose to be the odd one out? Leave the huddle and stand-alone?
Who can do it and what does that aloneness look like?

The difference between contentment and discontentment is that if I did it, it’s because I want to, not because I have to. No hole to fill, just enjoying the pleasure of what I am doing.

But the question still remains are you content? You can’t relish pleasure without it.

To address discontentment or determine your level of contentment, you have to challenge your value systems and their sources. What do I believe and why?

Pleasure is actually freedom!
Means you are not ruled by anything! No processes, no desires, no wishes!

The question now is, can a human being actually exist without desires or wishes? Or perhaps his natural state is that of pleasure? Before he was groomed otherwise?

Pleasure again means he found satisfaction in himself and all he did, there was no hole to fill.

So when a child explored his environment, he was actually experiencing it, not necessarily trying to learn from it.

What do you think? Let me know your opinions.

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