Do you recognise your value?

My name is Abi and I am valuable and lovable! That just came to me this morning and I’m putting it out there. Yes!
Being valuable is not necessarily the value others place on you. Rather, it is firstly the value you place on yourself.
You are valuable because first and foremost, you keep yourself going. You are your most valuable asset. Without you, where would you be? Others may come and add value to you, but your value and worth are first and foremost defined by you. And even if it seems no one else values you, which is most unlikely anyway because you are at least valuable to one other person, you are valuable to you. You need yourself. You need you! Just as I need Me! I’m important and valuable enough for me. Make sense?
It’s easier to give that value out when you have first received, appropriate, appreciate it in yourself.
Can you do anything without yourself? The simple answer is NO. If you are not on board with yourself to do anything, you can’t get anything done. Every time you get up in the morning and take a step and action, you are adding value to yourself, being useful to yourself. And no one can say they are not useful to themself. Your entire existence is usefulness to yourself. You take responsibility for you, your actions, your behaviour, your goals, vision, emotions, relationships…You are the master orchestrator of your life. While yes we may recognise the divine, but really without your agreement or involvement, can the divine work or operate through you? Think about it. So yes, you are valuable.
Why do you seek validation when you are already validated? Because you allow the opinions of others, their thoughts, their own feelings and judgement which may not be accurate or true at all times to become louder, more important than your own inner truth.
You choose to see them, hear that, rather than focus on yourself and hear yourself, your own voice.
While there is a place for receiving feedback, you should always check and weigh it against your truth, if it’s not in alignment, it’s not valid.
No one knows you better than you. You always know your truth! And you are not invaluable because someone said, behaved or act so. Your value was never based on their opinion, thought, feelings or judgement. You matter to you first!
We place value on others when we give them space to be themselves. And we receive value from others when we accept what they are bringing, not what we think they should bring.
When you can accept and appreciate yourself, you can accept and appreciate others.

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