Hi there, welcome to my site! It’s nice to have you!

Just to give you a few information about who I am and what my website is all about. Firstly, my name is Abi and I am based in the United Kingdom. This site is simply about my viewpoints on different subjects hence the name Abiscope. In other words: Abi’s viewpoint. I will be sharing various articles and the likes from my perspective and personal experiences.

What I hope to achieve through this site is that somehow someway you as a reader may find or discover yourself through my writings. In other words, I hope you will find encouragement when you need it, comfort where it is applicable, information that will be helpful in some aspects of life, and hey also if I can make you laugh, I hope to do that too.

All my post allows you to make a comment, I will definitely love to hear back from you and hear your opinions. Please click on post title to leave a comment.

So there you have it!

What else is in it for you? If you have a book you want me to showcase on my website, I will do that for you free of charge (BTW, I will demand a copy of it and I may just review it. 😉 ). Also, if you want to partner with me at a little cost, why not, I will do that for you too!

I hope you enjoy going through AbiScope and by all means call back anytime and tell your friends about it!

Have a wonderful day and see you again soon!


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