The battle within

Most times, if not at all times, our biggest problem is ourselves. We are the one telling ourselves no we cannot do it, we are the voices screaming at ourselves no you cannot make it. Have you ever wondered, searched, and looked within and found that possibly you could be your number one enemy?

There is this struggle between good and bad. A struggle between right and wrong. A struggle between what is best and our own lustful desires.  A struggle between doing the right thing against stealing that couple of pounds or dollars.  A struggle between walking away and hitting, taking a knife and stabbing, taking a gun and shooting that one person, you know the one you have imagined has done you wrong, or even maybe they haven’t, you just feel like it?

A struggle between sleeping with that man, that woman, that person you know you should not, and all you had to do to make it right was just say no, say no to yourself, and no to them, if really they were your temptation. A struggle between lighting that cigarette, that weed over your will to choose otherwise. A struggle between going out on an alcohol binge, over having a quiet night in snuggled up with your sweetheart over a little telly.

Why do we struggle to make the right choices over the bad ones? Why do we struggle to do what is best long term over what can only fulfil our physical desires temporarily? Do you know what makes it worse? It’s the lies we tell ourselves that someone somewhere, some people somewhere, a group here and there, the government, that situation, that job, that boss, that enemy of a friend, that stranger on the street, on the bus, in the train, in the car next to or in front of us are the problem! We blame everyone for our problems, but we never look into ourselves to be the problem.

For those of us that suffers with low self-esteem, who have we blamed for this state? The teacher that never said well done in class? The class mates that just seemed to pick on us? Or perhaps it was mum and dad, they just didn’t give us all the encouragement and support we felt we needed? Maybe? But do you know we have a choice? We do not have to be what anyone else say, we can be the good we choose to be!

The choice to be bad just because we were treated badly is ours! No we cannot blame anyone else for the bad that we do! The only way to rectify a wrong, is to admit you were wrong,  accept your fault, and say sorry to the person you have offended, and remember not to repeat the same offence again.

Hi there Miss, Mr, Ms, Mrs insecurity. Hello there defeated perfectionist. Do you know you are as good as you believe you are. Nobody has the right to exert to you how you should feel. You choose what to feel! Many people can say many things, but have you considered getting a filter into what you hear? You know ditch the rubbish, and keep only the positives. No one ever makes it in life by giving up. No one ever makes it in life by listening to others telling them they can never do it. I know Bill Gates didn’t. Imagine having him for a mentor. Okay so you don’t, mentor yourself by doing what he did, don’t give up. Believe in yourself.  Do what is right and leave it as that.

Who are we really fighting against, ourselves or really, the rest of the world?


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