They don’t know


When they look at you and say you are nothing!
Let them know there’s a gem in you they haven’t discovered.
Now who’s behind?

When they talk about you and say you are filthy!
Remind them even the best of the best has history?
Show me yours and I’d show you mine.

When they’ve concluded you can never be anything
Let them know that if only they could see beyond the physical
Ask them
who is blind now?

When they do remind you of your history
Tell them if I wasnt, I wouldn’t
One word is enough for the wise…
did you catch it?

When they rejoice and jubilate at your setback
Tell me
if only they knew the ‘internal’ work of glory being worked out
Boom! Hit them with your comeback!

When they are done
With nothing left to say or do
Strike them with a pose!
Smile, take a picture
Because they can only reach you from the headlines.

Performed by: Abi Opall
Music by: JhonLogix

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