This thing called Marriage

This thing called marriage.
Not a lot of us understand what it means, or what it entails.
Majority are lost in this misconception that marriage is a bed of roses.
They are locked in the world of fantasy,
Lost in the ideology of this perfect husband, perfect wife and perfect marriage.
That by the time reality hits,
They have become like a ship sunk at sea,
badly stricken by the storm of life.

This thing called marriage
Is a union that must be entered into sober minded.
Leaving behind every self delusional expectation,
at the door of introductory salutations,
before initiating courtship.

The broken marriages
It’s sad.
The broken promises
Promises made,
with false hopes.

This thing called marriage
Is a union of two, ready to combat the waves of life together!
It’s a union of sober men and women,
honest and willing to be
about themselves and their partners.
I come to U bare,
Naked and not ashamed.
I see your strengths
And I know your weaknesses.

This commitment I am willing to take with U for the rest of our lives.
No… I understand
that the journey may be rocky at times
No… I’m not deluded that U may never say something I do not like
Do something
I may struggle to forgive with deep clenched fist,
and incoherent words stuck to my throat of wounded and crushed pain.
But this journey I am willing to take with U.

Naked and not ashamed.
Naked and not ashamed
I am not afraid of U seeing my weakness
I am not ashamed of U knowing that I am not perfect
I will make mistakes
I can promise U that.

But also, know I am ready to ride a thousand miles with U, where ever this road leads, through every nook and cranny, we find along the way.

This thing called marriage
Is a commitment.
There’s no escape route (if you don’t create one!)

Hmmm…this thing called marriage.

It’s for the strong,
It’s for the bold,
It’s for the resilient
It’s for the kind-hearted
It’s for the compassionate.
For the sure
For the confident
For the determined
For those who really understand
Marriage is not for show:
Waving the married flag
And yet not meeting the demands it requires.

This thing called marriage is work
Filled with a whole lot of love, kindness, patience, companion and
camaraderie. If you are willing.

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